Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy heroes

Adam in a Jedi robe with lightsabreCourage, real or imagined, can make a person bigger—larger of soul and of confidence. "Big hearted," it once meant.

When a parent has the heart, and soul, and confidence to stand heroically between a child and fear, that takes courage. Defending a child from criticism and negativity (even from our own) makes us bigger.
(The words above are Sandra Dodd's, new today,
but the link is to "Becoming Courageous," by Deb Lewis.)
photo by Julie D

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  1. Love this! I found myself recently having to stand between my oldest teen son and his un-admitted fear about succeeding. During a heart to heart talk, he said he wasn't afraid of anything, but I could sense the fear lingering so I LOVINGLY confronted the situation. All in all when I asked him if it was true, he admitted to it and by the grace of God WE were able to squash that fear!
    Thanks for sharing this!


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