Sunday, October 11, 2015

Different realities

When our oldest was five and our third was still inside me, we stuck our toes in the homeschooling waters, and asked ourselves some serious questions. We bypassed the regular serious questions. We weren't worried about socialization. We weren't worried about times tables. What my husband and I asked when our should-we-do-this eyes met was "What about marching band?"
. . . .

A few years ago I reviewed my progress and realized that my three lovely children who are busy every single day and who can converse about any subject neither read books for fun much nor do they play any band instruments whatsoever.

More of that at "Books and Saxophones",
an article written in 2003 when my children were 16, 14 and 11.
They are, as this quote is posted, 29, 26 and 23.
The photo shows me, Marty and Kirby, before Holly was born.

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  1. I had a nice comment by e-mail:

    'Neither read books for fun much'. Thank you so much! In the homeschoolin community it seems this is such a benchmark for a 'smart' kid. Like they have to be a book worm to be interesting or smart. My oldest has cycled through reading 10 chapter books in a series to not interested in anything he tries. My younger 2 aren't even there yet. You always help me to worry less!
    Thanks Sandra!

    I hope everyone will read the article, though, and the follow-up notes. My kids all did read novels, later, but for different reasons than I had read when I was a kid. I think it's important to consider. :-)


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