Saturday, September 5, 2015

Knuckles, the past and the future

Thirty days hath September,
All the rest I can't remember.
The calendar hangs on the wall;
Why bother me with this at all?

That's a rhyme that goes around, in protest of a longer and more complicated thing kids used to be pressed to memorize. Some of those kids are still alive, but the antique "hath" remains.

Times change, though. People don't flip through calendars on the wall so much as they ask Siri or Google, or look at the calendar on the iPad. Phones know what date it is, and what time zone you're in.

Go to this page to see how to calculate month lengths with your knuckles:
image by Andrew and Glenda Sikes

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  1. That's funny Orin and I were just talking about this yesterday when I was driving as he was keen to work out when some events were in the future and was annoyed that 3 months isn't always 90 days and that there are 365 days in the year not the 360 he had worked out that there were. We went on to talk about how the months are wrong too like Oct is 8 but October is actually the 10th month so not that logical.


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