Monday, August 17, 2015

Quietly at home

There are artists and writers who prefer a great deal of time alone. Even among those with kinesthetic intelligence, there are some who prefer hiking,  photo LisaJonickTeaSteam.jpgclimbing or skiing. There are those who practice sleight-of-hand and juggling for many hours alone. There are musicians who play a thousand hours in private for every hour they might share with others.

When such children are in school, they find ways to make themselves invisible if they can. The advantages of being home are abundant for those with such inclinations.
photo by Lisa Jonick


  1. By e-mail someone wrote:

    Sandra, I read this just now and I was like, "wow, this applied to me when i was a child". I would hide my face behind the head of another child sitting in front of me so that I could close my eyes for a bit and get within myself. It was a torture to not get some quiet, private moments.

    I read this post to my daughter (9.5) just now and she said, "oh i know you must be like this when you were in school"!!

    Just felt like sharing with you...

  2. just weeping over the relevance this has for my daughter... and more painfully for myself, as I attended public school until I dropped out age 16. I still am very able to make myself publicly "invisible" (have been described as "stealth-like"). Your insights and concise expressions are healing friends in our home! Thank you for Being...

  3. This also really spoke to me because I also wanted to be invisible in school a lot of the time, especially when I was in elementary school. Sitting in the back, wanting to hide. Being overstimulated by the lights, the noise, the cafeteria, the dreadful "recess." I didn't particularly enjoy any of it and would have much rather been at home, cultivating my passions and my space.


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