Monday, May 25, 2015

Experiencing, sensing

I am so certain that learning comes from experiences and touching, hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting that in light of natural learning, books seem flat and dry. photo TidePoolMirror.jpg
(Quote is from page 148 of The Big Book of Unschooling.)
photo by Chrissy Florence

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  1. Someone wrote: "Books *are* flat and dry! As are stones and table tops... It is the ideas within the books that are exciting! Such as your Big Book of Unschooling! :)"

    Not all stones are flat (or dry) :-)

    Tabletops are, on a good day! I live with LOTS of tables. I forego couches to have a table (or two) in every public room—for eating, puzzles, games, art, computers...

    Not all books have exciting ideas.

    One of my favorite ideas and images is a snake eating its own tale, There was a belief that a snake might take its tail in its mouth and roll down a hill like a barrel hoop (which shows how old the idea was). It comes to mind when a book says books are flat and dry. :-)

    Someone who believes strongly that books are life, and that books are learning, will fail at unschooling. When I was a kid, books were the wider world, and books were escape. When my kids were little, we helped them know that THEY were in and of the world, and they were living directly, without a need to escape.

    This is one of my older pages, with old-web-page art, which I've kept just for being old. :-) Antique web art, about some people's attachment to books:

    I have a few thousand books, though I've been trying to give them away and I might be below two thousand nowadays. I love books in lots of ways, but for helping people learn how learning works for children, they need to set their books aside (emotionally, and maybe physically) until they see other kinds of learning, too.


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