Sunday, December 21, 2014

Don't count, don't measure

 photo LisaJonickFireCat.jpgDon't divide anything "fifty/fifty." Forget that concept. Give what you have. Do all you can do. Give/do 80% when you can, but only measure it vaguely, at a squint, and then forget about it. If you aim for half, there will be resentments. If you aim for 100%, small failures will seem larger than they need to be, so don't do that. You can succeed at "lots" without measuring.

If each of you gives as much as you can, your shared needs will be fulfilled more quickly, more easily, and more often.

That was advice sent to our friend Sadie, for her bridal shower.
It works for roommates and other dyads, too.
I quoted it here:
photo by Lisa Jonick

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