Sunday, July 6, 2014

Doing enough?

Are you doing enough? Are your kids looking at you expectantly, or are they busy off doing something fun? Have they seen the cool touristy stuff in your town already? "Field trip" kind of stuff? Do you let them do it at their own pace, and "quit early" if they want to? Do they have things to play with and build with and draw on and mess with? Do they have opportunities (if they want) to ride bikes, skateboards, climb something, jump on things? Are you looking for opportunities for them to hear live music or see theatre?
If you feel like you're not doing enough, do more. (an obscure page)
photo by Rippy Dusseldorp

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  1. What's enough for one of my 3 isn't enough for the others. A timely reminder I need to find a new babysitter / helper.


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