Sunday, June 8, 2014

When life is easier...

Meredith wrote on Radical Unschooling Info:
Learning depends on the perspectives and experiences of the individual. That's the heart of unschooling—that learning isn't something you can control from the outside.
 photo DSC02335.jpg
What you can do "from the outside" is to work to improve another person's experience. You can be kinder and sweeter and more helpful. You can make his or her life easier. When life is easier, learning is bigger, broader, more expansive. There's no magic to that! When you aren't focused on meeting basic needs, you can explore more complex needs. When you aren't hungry, you can focus on things more interesting than hunger. When you aren't arguing with someone about what you "should" eat, you can explore the far more interesting questions of what appeals to you and why, and in what combinations.
—Meredith Novak
photo by Sandra Dodd (of party food
not so easily made, by Teresa and Laurie for a reception)

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