Friday, March 7, 2014

Preventing regrets

Jenny Cyphers, quoting Pam Sorooshian:
I ran across this little bit this morning, from Pam Sorooshian:
Self-recrimination is self-indulgent and not helpful to your children. Be fully present in the here and now. That's the antidote to regret.
Something I like about Pam, is that she says so much in so few words! That one packs a punch! Or a soft hand on someone's shoulder, really.

When people talk about doing unschooling right, to me, this gets at the heart of it! Go and BE WITH your kids, don't let days go by in which regret happens, because the opposite of that is where the magic happens!
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Jenny Cyphers and Pam Sorooshian
photo by Rippy Dusseldorp

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