Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Doozy Dodd

This is what unschooling, though, has done for Holly. She is not a student. She is Holly. She is not a fourth grader. She is Holly Dodd. She has been since birth,
and she will be until or unless she decides to go by another name, but that will be her decision. The world is hers in a way that the world has never been mine, not even now as an adult. Sometimes I see myself as a messy amalgamation of experiences, certificates, test scores and labels, just come lately into the real world.

I see my children living full, real lives today, right now. I don't see them as students in preparation for life, who after a number of years and lessons might be considered "completed" or "graduated." It was a long way to come, and I never even had to move. I just had to look at what I considered to be real.

That was written in early 2002, when Holly was nine TEN years old.
At twenty-one years old, she goes by Doozy.

photo by Sandra Dodd ("Holly Dodge")

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  1. I should have shown this to Holly sooner! She was ten when the article was written, but it was referring to photos she had taken when she was nine. And she said she doesn't use "Doozy Dodd," but "Doozy D." For the record.


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