Friday, June 21, 2013

Where to look

Rippy Dusseldorp wrote:

I don't really look to other mothers for validation on how I'm doing as a parent. I look to my children and my husband. If they are generally happy, relaxed, comfortable and engaged, I feel pretty good about how I'm doing....

If I see signs of frustration or stress or uneasiness in my family, there are alarm bells going off inside me telling me I need to be kinder, pay extra close attention, have more ideas, and offer more options."

—Rippy Dusseldorp
five kids in pajamas
In a discussion on the Always Learning discussion group
photo by Sarah Dickinson

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  1. I love this post. It is exactly how I know if I'm doing a good job parenting, or if and what I can do better. My inner alarm bell !

    I translated it, because I read and hear many moms asking about 'how' they are doing, and often look at other mothers.

    It remind me of a picture I took in March 2012, when all my family was sitting outside, drawing, writing, reading, or playing.

    Thanks, Sandra, for sharing Rippy's words !



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