Saturday, December 8, 2012

Foundations of unschooling

Because my children learned to read without having been taught, they have no doubt whatsoever that they could learn anything else. Few things are as important or as complex as reading, yet they figured it out and enjoyed doing it. If I thought I had taught them, they too would think I taught them, and they would be waiting for me to teach them something else.
photo by Holly Dodd


  1. Hema posted on facebook:

    I like this simple and profound little post of Sandra Dodd's. Its true in our family.

    Zoya told Raghu many months ago, "if you can't write it I'll do it for you and when i can't read you help me." Raghu reads fluently & finds writing challenging. Zoya writes but finds reading challenging. Neither is worried and are confident that the skills they need will come to them when they need it.

  2. a dozen years later...

    Raghu is studying philosophy at Rutgers University. We talked by phone on my birthday (Learn Nothing Day is what the call was about) for a long time, about interestingly deep things.


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