Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unnecessary talking

When I was in elementary school the lowest grades I got were in "conduct" or "deportment." Turns out my greatest gift was interpersonal, and I was able to help other kids with their problems. School didn't encourage that in those days in any way, and so once I had to write "Unnecessary talking in class disturbs others" 2400 times or so, and other times I just got a C in conduct for being too social.

"You're not here to socialize," I was told. All the more ironic for me that most people's first question about homeschooling is "What about socialization?"
photo by Holly Dodd


  1. Pretty picture. :)

  2. EXACTLY!!!!! I'm a public school mom but WISH I was a homeschooler... and it really irks me that at NO point during the day are kids allowed to just play and interact. They even have Cafeteria Nazis patrolling during lunch to make sure there is NO TALKING! Not even at lunch!

    And really, judging from the manners and 'social skills' of the kids mine go to school with, I really don't think I want them learning to 'socialize' there anyway.

    Just my .02. :)

  3. That's me! Talk to much, hasn't learned not to talk before asked, answeres the questions before the others get's a chance, chats with her friends all the time.


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