Thursday, December 8, 2011

A philosophical shift

People don't become really good at unschooling without changing the way they see themselves and the world. At the core of it, I think there is a philosophical shift that has to happen. Because people want to overlay unschooling on same old business-as-usual life it doesn't really fit very well; you have to remodel the house a bit.

(Not literally a house; not literally remodel. That was from a recorded interview so I can't edit it now.)
photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. I dunno, our home as undergone a fair amount of remodelling. A lego room for example is a long way from the minimalist palace I once dreamt of ;-) I wrote about this on my blog yesterday. Must be in the air.

  2. It wasn't a remodel, but we have "Barbieland," a closet under the stairs that was dedicated to Holly's Barbies when we first moved here. There were shelves on the walls already, so she could set up Barbie rooms and leave them.

    Sometimes it's re-envisioning same-old. :-)

  3. In an e-mail, a reader wrote: "Thank you, Sandra, for helping me to make that shift. I am starting to 'get it' (see it, feel it) in the every day moments of life."

  4. The Barbies here now have 3 horses, a newer car than me, a pink beach buggy, a selection of very glam gowns and funky sportswear. I am more than a little jealous!


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