Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Access to information

Little by little, years ago, I started to see that each little idea that had changed my own family had the potential, if I could explain it clearly enough, to change another family.
Just a little was enough. As more and more families shared their successes and joys, the world changed. As more information was gathered and put where others could find it, the rate of change increased.

When I was first unschooling, we waited two months for a new issues of Growing Without Schooling. There was no internet discussion at all. When that began, a few years later, it was user groups, not even e- mail or webpages yet. Today someone can get more information about unschooling in one day than existed in the whole world when my oldest was five. I'm glad to have been part of honing, polishing, clarifying and gathering those ideas, stories and examples, and keeping them where others have quick access to them.

Interview with Sandra Dodd, Natural Parenting, 2010 (Section #5)
photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. Thank you for having done so and to continue. For more than ten years, I also volunteer in the homeschooling network but as I didn't know unschooling, I made many mistakes with my children and shown this example to other families. My children made ​​me discover unschooling by asking to live it. Now I try, by living it, speaking, writing and translating, to help people around us to know and understand clearly what is unschooling. For me, unschooling means a lot of things but this morning, I have this one in head, coming back from a walk in the wood: it is living with my children as I'd like to live with my best best friends, loving them, understanding them, helping them to make all of us living in well being

    Thank you Sandra!


  2. Edith, that's a sweet thought you had, in the woods. Thanks for sharing it.

    For others who might want to see some of Edith's translations to French, they're linked here: (and some other translations, too, of things by me, Pam S., and Deb L.

  3. I so glad for what you have collected and shared too! You have greatly enriched our lives!

    Thank you so much, Sandra.


  4. Oh, thank you so much, Sandra. Your kind words always touch me deeply and I know they touch my children and my husband too. I just translated this post in French, for my francophones friends. ♥



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