Friday, September 2, 2011

One year has passed

Today this blog is one year old, and a second year begins. Occasionally I have future posts prepared to launch
but more often I build one each evening before I go to bed. I've missed a few days since September 2, 2010, but this is post #361. Pretty close. There are 720 subscribers as I write this, so that's about two a day.

Most difficult, thusfar, has been trying to make sure I don't use the same image or words twice. I've decided to give up on checking so closely. I'll try not to repeat, but if you see something come around again, that will indicate that I really like that picture or that quote, and that I'm getting old, or sleepy, or both.

Thank you for reading, for sharing these ideas further, and for your kind words and sweet thoughts.

Holly, my lovely assistant and frequent photo contributor, suggests that I mention that a year passes more slowly for children than for adults. This reminder might help some of you, somehow, in ways I can't guess.
Photo by Sandra Dodd, of the books I use to mark which quotes I've used.
That doesn't work for website quotes.


  1. I love reading this every day, even though I rarely comment, so thank you for keeping it up! It is so nice to have positive inspiration every day, and I do share with family and friends often. And I love Holly's wise reminder - time can be a tricky thing with days sometimes dragging but years flying, and keeping our child's perspective in mind is helpful!

  2. I believe your posts here are so good that they are worth repeating. Can you just link an older post to send out when you are really busy? It would be fun to see one of my favorites show up again in my email in-box. It would be like watching re-runs of my favorite show; it never gets old.

  3. Happy birthday to this blog ! I'm really happy I discovered it a few months ago; these daily thoughts help me to stay the course.
    If certain images or ideas are repeated, it is probably a good sign.
    About what Holly said: my children often told me that when they were younger. And I see better now why, at certain times of our lives, they (and so I) found that the time passed much too quickly. Time goes so fast when you're not free and happy in the moment, living what you want to live, probably because we hope to catch up while all the time "lost" to really live it again.
    Thank you to both of you !

  4. Happy birthday to your blog, and thank you so much for having it! I look forward to it every morning, and it's the first thing I read, just to get my day started in the right direction.

    (and I love your books too :))

    (and if you miss a day, well, that gives me an extra day or two to read what you last wrote!)

  5. I'm new to this blog, and so glad I found it (especially as a new mom exploring new territories).

    There's a neurological explanation for why time passes more quickly as we age that I find fascinating and like to remind myself (and thanks for the reminder today):
    The more life becomes routine, the less we pay full attention, the more we cruise on autopilot (like when you've driven somewhere but spaced out while driving), the faster time seems to go. For kids, there's so much novelty and learning every day, and the natural inclination to stay in the present, so time stays at a leisurely pace.
    Yet another good reason to stay on kid time!

  6. I also want to thank you for keeping this blog going.

    The posts have been wonderful reminders in helping me become the parent I always wanted to be :).

    Happy Birthday Just Add Light and Stir!

  7. Thank you for the daily inspiration- I think I have been following for almost all of that year, and so often your writing just ignites a spark or makes me think twice about something. Your time and effort is much appreciated!

  8. I always reason that time seens slower when you are a child because each day is a larger percentage of your time on the planet. I say often for children a day is a week, a week is a month and so on.
    I like the driving on autopilot analogy.

    Happy Birthday

  9. I love, love, love this blog! Thank you so much for making it. It makes me happy and makes me think and opens my mind to new ways of looking at things. I have shared it with friends and family because it is so unique in the way it presents helpful ideas.

  10. I'm a little behind, but catching up. Love this blog! Thank you for taking the time to pass along your wisdom, I am truly a better unschooling parent because of you:)

  11. Hi Sandra, happy blogday. You and your experiences and wisdom have given me so much to ponder as I wander thru this life with my kids. Thank you for your dedication. Mostly what I say now after many years of fumbling after people want to know why the kids aren't in school, or they say they couldn't imagine spending a whole week alone with their kids is , "We're just living". Yes, living, I am beginning to grasp it, and have a good time. Thank you Sandra for helping our, my process along.


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