Friday, June 3, 2011

This little light of mine...

The other day after church in Ettrick someone from Scotland was singing to someone from Kenya, "This little light of mine..."

Melissa Wiley tweeted: "5yo is singing: 'Put the light in the coconut and squeeze it all up'," about the same day that my daughter, Holly, tweeted: "Oh man. It's June. I want to start paying attention to more sunsets while I'm in the land of them."

I woke up in County Durham, UK, impressed that the sun was shining and I could see a contrail in the sky. Very clear, after mostly-grey days.

The same sun shines on us all, just not all at the same time, and the soundtrack varies.

photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. Love the photo, and the whole entry, the last line is something I'd like to quote, it's beautiful.

  2. You can quote it. It's my writing. The "soundtrack" might not make as much sense without the two song references up higher. :-) The photo is of a window at the church at Yarrow, not Ettrick. They're the same parrish, but not the same building.


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