Saturday, May 7, 2011


We have a compost pile, and it's kind of amazing how it seems at first that the food and leaves and sticks and banana peels and dog poop will never do anything but sit there looking like garbage, but when I stop watching it, it turns to solid black, rich dirt! I can't find any parts of the elements of which it's made. It's kind of like that with my kids. It took me a few years to quit watching them and trust that it would compost.

It did.
photo by Sandra Dodd

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  1. Sandra, I always enjoy my daily "Just add Light and Stir" email, but today's is particularly sweet. As a former "watcher," I've stared at lots of banana peels. Now, I just live my life and delight in encountering the beds good dirt I come across. Sometimes, there are even tiny flowers growing in it already. : )

    All my best wishes,


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