Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beauty in onions

The other day I saw some beautiful onions. People would buy them even if they hadn't been arranged so nicely, but the produce manager had set each onion down by hand, with thought, and there they were in a pattern I helped to dismantle by taking some of them home with me.

Some of what we have used to be elsewhere. Some of what is at our house will be other places someday. Patterns come and go like cloud pictures, and we ourselves are part of that changing swirl of life and beauty.


  1. Oh! You brought a Ganesh collection back with you. Lovely! Are those photos somewhere they can be enlarged and examined a bit more closely?

  2. Here are the photos. I took them to show Robin Bentley, who was interested in the fact that people put those on the dashboards of their cars, facing toward the inside of the car, not toward the road. :-)

    It reminds me of when I was little and lost of people had St. Christopher in the car that way, only he used to watch the road more, I think.

    I my India photos but not yet written up and posted I have a collection of photos of Ganesha-on-the-dashboard, too.


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