Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Pure Entertainment"

There was once a mom who could say nothing good about cartoons except that pure entertainment should count for something. I had an opinion.

"Pure entertainment"? I don't think I believe in that.

If someone is being entertained, that person is thinking. That person is analyzing SOMETHING, and every trail made in the brain is a reuseable trail, and a trail to connect to other things.

If someone is NOT being entertained, they will be learning negative, yucky stuff—being made unhappy, learning what and who to avoid in the future.

Whatever your children do should be unfolding in as stressfree and joyful a way as possible. THEN it will be mindful.

If the opposite of mindless is mindful, it's not the stimulus but the thinking to consider.

(In the past few days I've been in three different homes with kids watching cartoons, in Bangalore and Pune, India. I've seen parts of Disney's beautiful "Snow White and and Seven Dwarfs," Tom and Jerry, Ben 10, 102 Dalmations, something in Hindi that I think was originally English, and a Hindi DVD on the origins and adventures of the Monkey God Hanuman.)


  1. Interesting and timely post, Sandra! Makes me feel bettter as one of my sons has been going on and on about the Steve Martin Inspector Gadget movie. Don't get me wrong, the movie is hilarious, but they've watched it two or three times in the last day or two, and I don't know why, but I start to think....maybe this is just too much of the same movie (honest confession). So thanks for always helping us validate the "worth" of the choices our kids make :)

  2. It was actually The pink panter...not Inspector Gadget :)


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