Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sleeping as love

For the first MANY years of their lives, our kids fell asleep being nursed, or being held or rocked by dad or mom, or in the car on the way home from something fun. They slept because they were sleepy, not because we told them to. So when they got older, they would fall asleep near us, happily.

We never minded putting them in the bed after they were asleep. It was rare they went to sleep in the bed. They would wake up there (or in our bed, or on the couch or on a floor bed) knowing only that they had been put there and covered up by someone who loved them.

Going to sleep wasn't about "going to bed."

Kirby, four, fell asleep while playing.

photo by Sandra Dodd, 1990


  1. I just love what you say, it's so inspiring. This new blog is really great. Thank you so much!

  2. The idea of going to sleep without a bedtime has, until very recently, unfortunately, been entirely lost on me. I am thankful for this distinction, as my son, husband and I move toward more of a partnership in all aspects of our lives.


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