Saturday, March 26, 2016


If you get to sleep for a long time, be glad. If your sleep is interrupted, try to be like a cat, and just accept it. Measuring sleep and being angry about the clock will lead to neither peace nor rest.
Children will wake you up. Breathe in love and remain restful.
photo by Ve Lacerda


  1. So strange- two days in a row! I just woke up from a not-so-great-sleepwise night, not from babies but cats nagging for different things....and feeling mildy stressed about the clocks changing tomorrow, not wanting to be waking up at noon, etc.

    Relevant, but maybe not exactly as you intended... Thank you for the reminder about what can help peace and calm prevail! I needed that .

  2. Good point—it's not always children. Cats, wind, rain, dreams.... sleep is not guaranteed. :-)


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