Friday, March 25, 2016

Dial it up!

The edge of the ocean isn't a static, solid line. Waves and tides make it beach, and water, and marine habitat, and land, back and forth, up and down, neither all nor nothing. Learning is that way, too, if you can relax.

See if you have a dial in your mind that says "everything" at one extreme and "nothing" at the other. It's impossible for anyone to do everything or nothing. Maybe label it "too much" and "not enough" instead, and try for the midpoint. Replace any on/off switches in your mind with slide bars or dimmers!"
photo by Janelle Wrock

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  1. There is an ancient Arabic saying- "khayr al amour hiya al wasata"-
    meaning the best choice is often in the middle, not at either extreme.

    Thats's often what we aim for, unless it is truly,clearly necessary to be off on one side for a good reason.

    I had also just said this to the kids in the car this afternoon- when talking about how I pick a lane in traffic :-) After we got home, I found this post in my email....
    Thanks again,


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