Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hearts renewed

Yesterday's post went out in e-mail with the title "Light on light." It should have been "Bright and glowing." You might think "Same same—light is light," but there was a post called Light on Light already. I'm particular about light, sometimes. Okay, I'm more particular about words about light.

Here's a verse I wrote for a Christmas card twenty years ago, and today's the best day for it.  photo c5357aad-d9a1-4f04-8069-f6c98f28f247.jpg

Abundant joy,
   a special toy,
      warmth and firelight,
         carols at twilight;

Memories of old,
   children to hold,
      comforting food,
         and hearts renewed.

Twenty-year-old Christmas card
art by Kirby Dodd and a team, in 1994

Light on light

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