Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Basketful of ideas

Used Easter baskets will be on sale everywhere in the Spring for nearly nothing. We have used ours for birdfeeders, storing doll clothes, storing kindling (eventually just burn the basket), rinsing toy dishes outside (water runs out), for hanging plants, or storing socks, caps or hair scrunchies on tops of dressers. While you have those baskets, see if you can look at where they're from, how they're made, and of what material. When weaving pictures or examples of basketry come by, point that out to your children (or just appreciate them yourself).

Photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. That particular pile of baskets was photographed in 2009. I was collecting baskets for kindling for attendees at the Santa Fe Unschooling Symposium in January 2010, where each condo had a fireplace and we bought a cord of wood. :-)

    That was a fun event.

  2. One condo didn't have a fireplace. Robin Bentley was to have shared with Julie Daniel, who was prevented from being there by an icy plane in London, but that one, newly attached to the conference rooms, had no fireplace.


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