Saturday, October 19, 2013

A bigger world

School kids don't know the world is a million times bigger than school's version of it.
Photo by Sandra Dodd, of a first glimpse of Lisbon, but Portugal is at least a million times bigger than that. "A million times bigger" represents "unmeasurable breadth and depth," in the quote above.

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  1. I got a complaint about today's post being black and white, us and them, harsh and judgmental.

    My response:
    Did you read the quote in context?

    I'm talking about the knowledge base schools are delivering, and assuring kids is "the world."

    I bet that compared to what you see as "learning" and "the whole world" now, your vision as a kids in school, or as a teacher in school (if you were) was MUCH smaller. Schools say that if kids pay attention and work hard, they will have what they need to live full, happy lives. They don't say "We're barely touching the surface here."

    The complaint was polite, and didn't have all that criticism in one little pile, but also said "Parents who value what you say but can be lead into stereotypical thinking with blanket statements of what is true or not true for children of the world."

    I'm not trying "to lead" anyone anywhere. I'm offering glimpses into a vast collection of thoughts and ideas. Most of the quotes in the past week were from other people. Each led to more writing.

    I am assuming that people DO follow the links, if they're interested in the quote, at least back to the blog, where they can read one of the "You might also like" quotes, if the current one didn't sing to them. And now there's a randomizer in the upper right of the blog.

    If one thuds, and doesn't ring, I hope there are a thousand more you liked better. (There are over 1100, thusfar.)


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