Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I cannot begin to express my joy

We have chosen to listen to our children, to pay attention to their needs and their wants instead of telling them that they must conform to our needs and our wants. photo kdk_1228.jpgIt means that for me if Simon (my 8 year old son) asks me to help him play Tales of Symphonia on the gamecube and I happen to be doing the dishes I may ask that he wait the 10 minutes or more likely than not I may just let the dishes soak and come and play with him. The dishes will be easier to clean when I empty the sink and refill it with warm water and I will have gotten to spend an hour with my son talking and exploring and playing and continuing to forge a relationship that makes me so happy I cannot begin to express my joy.
That was from an unusual (for Schuyler) rant in 2007.
Here are some newer words from this ever-thoughtful unschooling mom:
Schuyler Waynforth Interview
photo by Sandra Dodd, of Schuyler's cat in 2009

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  1. The pony photo, and hairdo, were both by Doozy Dodd (Holly). I mistakenly left in the default note, at first, but I didn't take that photo. Sorry!


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