Monday, July 8, 2013


I missed a day. Sunday was Joyce Fetteroll's birthday. She and Rippy Dusseldorp and I were in Delft to shop, and then went to Rotterdam to visit friends, and then back to Rippy's where I was very sleepy. Sitting in the Amsterdam airport following a flight cancellation, I realized I missed one, and won't be in a good place to look for quotes tonight, and so this will be my little offering to cover Monday and Tuesday, July 8-9, 2013.

 photo DSC02834.jpgI love England. Not sure why. Some people love some things without knowing why. This summer I will enter the UK three times (if we make it there okay tonight)—from the U.S., then from Portugal and now from The Netherlands. Into England five times, if I include crossing back in from Wales and from Scotland.

And so I am content. I have been to England enough.
I am grateful that my children are grown and there are people other than just their parents who love them and who are glad to see them and to know them.
Learn Nothing Day will arrive before long, and it will be a long day for me, 31 hours, because I'll be going home from England, on my birthday, to be met by my husband who loves me.

I like this blog and I'm sorry I missed a day.
I like my life, and I'm glad to have people to share various aspects of it with me.
photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. I love this. And I love you. And I love England too :-)

  2. aww! and i LOVE you both!
    ~ My girls want to know if you met any ONE Direction Boys (Favorite Boys Band), or any of The girls from *Little Mix* band! :)

  3. Thanks Sandra for this post.
    Thanks for sharing this little part of your life with us, to inspire and spread love around.

    What I hear in your words is honesty, clarity, and, above all, love.

    I used to say that Paul McCartney is spreading love everywhere he goes and sing and play music, and I'm happy that he will be here in my city on July, 23rd, because the show will end on your birthday. I wish he'd know you, and he knows about Learn Nothing Day. ;-)

    Knowing that you are there, in England (which is also, to me, McCartney's country), in Europe, or in Albuquerque, US, is knowing that there is a mom out there in the world, that loves her children, her family, so much, and has chosen to share what really helps to 'change the world': attachment parenting (and so unschooling, as it is what follows\flows naturally).

    Thanks for all !

    With love,


  4. Thank you all. Edith, we just spent a long time in a Beatles museum in Liverpool. Paul was the star among stars, today, for me.

  5. I like this blog, too, and am happy to catch up with it any time even if you miss a day here and there. I enjoy all your work, actually, but this one has become a favorite as a guarantee of something peaceful or thoughtful or often some of both. How many times have I flagged or printed little reminders for myself from these entries? Probably too many to count.


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