Monday, June 3, 2013

Simply and beautifully excel

Ronnie Maier wrote this. I love the phrase "simply and beautifully excel."
 photo DSC00093.jpg
With unschooling, kids aren't all expected to have the same sort of intelligence. Verbal and logical intelligences aren't valued more, so kids with other intelligences aren't at risk as they are in school. For example, a boy with kinesthetic intelligence might be a discipline case in school, or labeled with dyslexia or ADD, or simply made to feel stupid. As an unschooler, that same boy might learn his ABC's while jumping on the trampoline, start reading while playing video games, or simply and beautifully excel in some physical pursuit. Most importantly, he will never be made to feel he's less for being who he is.
—Ronnie Maier
photo by Sandra Dodd

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