Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pick a goal, any goal...

In response to anti-"screentime" rhetoric:

If one's goal is to make school the most interesting thing on a child's horizon, then by all means—turn off the TV,
don't give them any great picture books, avoid popular music, and close all the windows.

If one's goal is to make learning a constant condition of a child's life, then turn ON the TV, give them all the books and magazines and music they want, open the windows, explore! Explore when you're out of the house, and explore when you're in the house.
photo of Holly Dodd by Quinn Trainor

This post is a re-titled re-run from May 5, 2011. The window behind her has metal without glass. It is in "the rock house" (the Kiwanis cabin) at the top of the Sandia Mountains.

There is more on my site now about the prejudices some parents can succumb to than there used to be, too: "Screentime"

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  1. As we are talking about E3 and video games, this week, with my son, we decided to translate your post here:

    Thanks for this !

    Edith and Jerome


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