Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hopeful and helpful

Be up! Be happy when you can. Be hopeful and helpful!

Everyone who can do that makes the world a better place.
 photo DSC00123.jpg
photo by Sandra Dodd, of a preemie calf, still damp
and a matching, watchful cat
at Alex Polikowsky's farm

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  1. Cupcake the preemie calf is 50 days old today. She was born a month early when Sandra and Jill Parmer were here. We have never seen one survive being this young and tiny. She is still very small and has difficulty walking but she does not let anyone tell her she cannot run, bang her head while eating and explore. She loves people and comes when called.
    She is really the happy calf that pushes her self to do things that are hard for her.

    Just like it says in this post.


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