Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Scatter it out and rearrange it!"

"Just Add Light and Stir" is my favorite blog. My "Thinking Sticks" blog is my second favorite. It has examples of the kinds of connections and trails and explorations that I hope unschoolers will come to find in their own lives.
 photo DSC00111.jpg

I took the photo of a deer carcass owned by Bloxie (MD Polikowsky's dog), who arranged it artfully, with a wild turkey wing. Then after I took the photo, she rearranged it less attractively. When it snowed nearly two feet a couple of days later, she went and dug it out of the snow and arranged it on top. I did not wade out and photograph that. Sorry.

Click the photo to see more detail. I hope you can see why I photographed it.

The top of the Thinking Sticks blog says "Scatter it out and rearrange it!"
It was more about divergent thinking than a carcass, but still...


  1. Can you help me see. Is there an animal shape or secret message there? I have been studying it, and though I love the arrangement...cannot see much except a cool arrangement of carcass, bones and feathers. :)

  2. Just a cool arrangement. Kind of round, kind of square, interesting details, not arranged by a person.


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