Friday, December 30, 2011

Trust and curiosity

Unless their joy and curiosity are snuffed out, your children will have interests and, if you're lucky, obsessions and hobbies. How negative do you want to be about those? Try to decide in advance so you're being mindful and aware when they show you their painted rocks or their plastic soldiers or their hip-hop video collection.

They will trust you as long and as far as you are trustworthy.
photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. LOve this! and the picture! I bet those are Hollly's ponies! Gigi sounds so much like her in a lot of ways! Spunky and sweet. And thanks Holy one more time for the puzzles! Gigi just this week had them all over the floor and made them several times I had to tape the boxes again are they are getting very fragile!

  2. Those are her cousin, Gina's, ponies. :-)

  3. [a note from e-mail:]

    Oh! This picture just went straight to my heart! I had no less than 84 My Little Pony toys when I was a child. The rest of my family made fun of me, but my mom understood how much I loved them, would save the advertisements for new arrivals, and would wait patiently while I took my sweet time picking one out at the toy store.

    It is a fond memory rather than a stressful one, a point of remembered connection and appreciation rather than bitterness and resentment.

    Thanks, Sandra, as always, for your offerings.



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