Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More efficient tools

Joyce Fetteroll wrote:
The basic idea of unschooling is that we learn what we need by using it. And that's exactly how kids learn to speak English. Toddlers aren't trying to learn English. They're using a tool (English) to get what they want: which might be juice or a hug or picked up to see better. The English tool is more efficient than other tools they've been using: pointing or crying or wishing. And because English is more efficient, they use it more. And because they use it more, the get better at it. Kids learn English (and everything else) as a *side effect* of living and pursuing what they enjoy.

photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. Or Dutch ;))

    My kids were so smart (when we moved to the UK) to tell me they didn't want me to teach them English. They just picked it up because they were interested and wanted to communicate with their (new) friends! :)

  2. My friends who live in France are seeing their children pick French up smoothly and quickly, too.


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