Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Momentum

Jenny Cyphers wrote:

One of the very important aspects of unschooling that is solely on the parents, is to create a happy learning environment. Kids don't learn nearly as well when they aren't happy. It doesn't mean that every person needs to be happy at every moment of every day, it means that things that create happy momentum should be paramount from day to day.

If going to concerts with friends is something that creates happiness, do more of that. If staying at home without friends creates unhappiness, do less of that. If you want to unschool well, make your lives as happy as possible, make home a happy place, make food and grocery shopping and everything in between something that is happy.

Jenny Cyphers
photo by Holly Dodd, of a "shrinky-dink"


  1. ...sounds fabulous...
    how to make grocery shopping and the dreaded cleaning of the house happy things. Definitely something to contemplate.

  2. Don't call it "the dreaded" and then stop dreading it. :-)


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