Thursday, December 30, 2010

Building a Nest

"Building an unschooling nest" is a phrase that has come to mean maintaining a safe, rich, happy environment in which learning cannot help but happen.

What will help to create an environment in which unschooling can flourish? For children to learn from the world around them, the world around them should be merrily available, musically and colorfully accessible, it should feel good and taste good. They should have safety and choices and smiles and laughter.

There is some physicality to the "nest," but much of it is constructed and held together by love, attitudes and relationships. Shared memories and plans, family jokes, songs and stories shared and discussed, all those strengthen the nest.

Quote from The Big Book of Unschooling, page 125
photo by Holly Dodd


  1. Reading these posts each day really help me feel good about our choices and our future, as we live and learn together. Thanks so much for this gift, Sandra.

  2. Thanks, Karen. Some days I wonder if anyone reads them, and then I remember they're probably off being with their kids and I feel better. :-)

  3. Oh my...I read them, I read them! I especially love this one (and needed it today). :)

    Thank you, Sandra!


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