Monday, October 18, 2010


See if you have a dial in your mind that says "everything" at one extreme and "nothing" at the other. It's impossible for anyone to do everything or nothing. Maybe label it "too much" and "not enough" instead, and try for the midpoint. Replace any on/off switches in your mind with slide bars or dimmers!"
(Thanks to Katherine Anderson
for quoting that on Always Learning!)


  1. I like this, a LOT.

    In our family I call them *absolutes* ... like never and always.

    I work hard to use those *absolutes* lightly because little in life is absolute. Another thing we do is say things like "it feels like it's always" this or that. It's a way for the person to get across the importance/significance without committing it to some infinite absolute.


  2. It can be even better (she said months later) to say "sometimes it feels like..." rather than saying any sort of "always."


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