Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Customized, thoughtful choices

When you make the smallest of choices about what to do, say or think concerning your child, base it on your own child, in that moment. Think anew each time.

There is a danger in living an entirely reactionary life. If you do everything the opposite of what your mom did, it's as bad as doing exactly what your mom did without knowing why. Be discriminating and thoughtful. Don't chuck the ghost of the baby you were out with the bathwater of your emotional memories.

The second paragraph is from SandraDodd.com/relatives

Holly took the photo. I don't who is holding that flower, but I know that that moment and that flower are long gone.


  1. I fumbled and this post launched prematurely. I'm sorry to anyone whose routine might be adversely affected by two showing up on one day. I will be more careful!

  2. This was especially helpful for me to be mindful of today as I visited with my parents. It helped me see our differences and our similarities, and understand better why it is I am choosing the path I am for myself and my family.

  3. I was literally, right before reading this, pondering the same thoughts. I was thinking how people's choices to reject the way they were raised can be as powerful/damaging as simply imitating it and how I want to be the parent MY child needs instead. Thank you for echoing my thoughts and confirming what I know inside to be truth.


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