Saturday, June 5, 2021

Monumental things

Some things are a pretty big deal.

What's a big deal to one person might not be so memorable to another. Things that changed my life might not have affected my sister at all, and that's fine. Each life is unique, and we don't need to agree on what is or isn't monumental, and why.
photo by Sandra Dodd, in Texas

Friday, June 4, 2021

Ought to "have to"?

The phrases "ought to" and "supposed to" are so old, and have been recited for so many years (hundreds of years) without conscious thought that people don't even think about what they literally mean. "Supposed to" is kind of easy; you can deconstruct it, and it loses a lot of power. "Ought" is related to owing and debt. Obligation. No choice except dishonor.

"We're supposed to..."

"We ought to..."

"We have to..."

Use those with care, and thought.
photo by Ester Siroky

Thursday, June 3, 2021

The world is a wonder

Jihong Tang wrote:
Relevancy is very important in learning. I knew wax's melting point by heart but freaked out when it melted so fast while I was doing project with my [four-year-old son]. I never played with wax before. I knew physics on paper very well but played with pulleys in real life just recently. I knew areodynamics from school but had real appreciation of it through flying kite with my son.

Unschooling my children sparkles my curiosity and burning desire to learn. The world is a wonder!
—Jihong Tang, 2010 (the quote isn't there, but the ideas are)
photo by Megan Valnes

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Learning easily

Having the idea that "learning is difficult" in general could be a barrier to Unschooling with joy.
—Robyn Coburn
Talking to Babies
photo by Roya Dedeaux

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

More, not less

"Children don’t deserve less consideration just because they’re small. They deserve *more* patience and kindness and consideration because they are young and still learning."
—Deb Lewis
photo by Sandra Dodd

Monday, May 31, 2021

Swirling and wonderful

Pam Sorooshian described what she called "a very basic tenet of unschooling":

Surround the child with a swirling, wonderful, exciting, stimulating and rich environment and the child is naturally capable of learning from it.
—Pam Sorooshian
The quote is from my page on "Talking to Babies," but a better next read is the list of Principles of Unschooling by Pam Sorooshian
photo by Sandra Dodd, of unschooled siblings in Queensland

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Beauty and options

Yesterday/Friday I miscredited a quote; it was Robyn Coburn and it has been repaired. Sorry!
I want to present a portal to a beautiful piece of writing by Robyn that all unschoolers might want to read (or re-read) called "The Beautiful Park". I won't quote from it, because anything said is a spoiler. It is experienced anew each time it is read.

I will quote from something I saved as "Robyn Coburn on Giving Children Options":

"The idea of Unschooling is for parents to be the facilitators of options, the openers of doors, the creators of environments of freedom, and the guardians of choice, not the installers of roadblocks and barriers."
—Robyn Coburn
more by Robyn Coburn
photo by Karen James