Saturday, November 9, 2019

Compare and appreciate

When trying to decide whether unschooling is working, remember to compare it to what would be going on if your kids went to school. They’d be doing six different things (homework) not of your choosing or theirs. And you would be expected to oversee/help.

They would have been taught by school NOT to fraternize with others; they would be less likely to play together.

So don’t compare it to your imagined ideal. Compare it to other real options, and then appreciate what you have.

The big upside
photo by Sarah Dickinson

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  1. Yes! I needed to hear this. My issue is that my partner isn't as keen on unschooling as I am. So I tend to end up comparing what we're doing with some idealised unschooling Nirvana. When I should actually make the same comparison with what would be happening if they were in school.


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