Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Artsy collections

This photo is of home decorating, artistry, collecting and storytelling. Everything in the picture has a story. Some might be "found it," or "made it," but those stories would involve where, and how, and when.

Not everyone can arrange a collection interestingly or harmoniously. One of the greatest forms of artistry is arranging a display of paintings in a museum, or organizing a gift shop so that the visit itself seems a gift.

But wait! Look at the duck shadow! Beauty pops up wherever you see it.

SandraDodd.com/bookmotif is an example of an online collection.
photo by Colleen Prieto

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  1. -=-But wait! Look at the duck shadow!-=-

    I hope some of the readers thought of this blog as a collections of photos, because for reals, it is.

    Another appeal for NOT reading this on a phone, or in its app versions. Please relax in front of full-sized web version when you can!


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