Friday, April 6, 2018

Tales of "Oops"

Advising about an easily frustrated child, Brie Jontry wrote:

Talking about your own frustrations and talking through your own "mistakes," etc, in a light way—not *to* him, but around him, where he can hear you—might be helpful.

I did a lot of: "Ooops! I meant to cut the carrots length-wise instead of into circles. No big deal..." or "Hmmmm, I think next time, I'll do X first instead of Y" or whatever—talk to yourself, to your friends, to your partner about how you learn by doing. Short, light observations. No long drawn out monologues.
—Brie Jontry
photo by Sandra Dodd

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  1. The photo of the dinosaurs was taken at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. I chose a page to link the quote to, by subject matter.

    Later I noticed that the photo on that page, of a metal sculpture in the sunshine, is on the outside wall of that same museum, and I think it is right across the wall from the dinosaurs.


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