Thursday, March 29, 2018

Work can be fun

When the adults are happy and the children have choices, work can be fun.
photo by Sabine Mellinger

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  1. From the photographer:

    Dear Sandra,

    This picture was taken a year ago and reading your post about “work can be fun” just made me realize how far I have come deschooling.

    When I took this picture the only thing I was thinking about was how happy my son was to be able the start and operate the snow blower by himself (it’s quite hard to kick-start it and first my husband had to help him but now he can do it himself), how every inch of snow that fell excited him because there was another opportunity to go out there and blow the driveway again and how happy it made me that he would want me to be out there with him with a shovel and “work” alongside with him.

    Not too long ago I would have thought more like “great - he is doing his share of work around the house”, then some time into unschooling it would have been “see - they do help even if you don’t give them chores” but now none of these thoughts came up. That might not seem much difference to many but when I saw the picture again it was a very sweet moment for me to realize how far I have come and how happy it makes my family.

    Thank you for all the food for thoughts you provide ! :)



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