Monday, January 22, 2018


Meredith Novak wrote:
The first time I made pancakes with white flour he thought they were the best pancakes he'd ever eaten.

Here's an interesting tidbit, though: after a few weeks of being allowed to have all the cakes and cokes he could eat at our house he out-and-out said "You know what, now that I can have all the sugar I want, I don't want nearly as much of it."
photo by Sandra Dodd, of pancakes designed by Devyn, 8


  1. Awesome writing. Nice picture. Great story!

  2. Another comment came by e-mail. I'll share part of it, and some of my response:

    Ahhh, Sandra, always coming with these coincidental moments! My son, Zack, is obsessed with making pancakes at the moment! It’s the funniest thing. He calls himself “pancake chef” 😂 We were just on vacation (renting a house with kitchen) and he kept asking for pancakes, so I said, Zack, you can make the pancakes this time. I’ll show you how. So, we made the pancakes once together and he mastered it! And he proceeded to make about 4 more batches of pancakes over the days and just finished making some this morning, here at home. It’s so cute!
    #alwayslearnjng :-)

    I wrote:

    Neither the photo nor the quote there were current, so you’ve made it a full circuit (current, and all… :-) )


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