Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The light dawned

It was the issue of food that provided the epiphany for me to "get" what unschooling is about. When I realized that there are foods out there that make me gag, and I wouldn't want to have to finish them (or even put a bite in my mouth) the light dawned. Why do it to kids, if there's something that I refuse to eat?
—Heidi C.
 photo foodJennyBilderback.jpg
photo by Jenny Bilderback

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  1. Mrs. Dodd,
    I just listened to you speak this morning on my drive home from grocery shopping on the topic of food (on the old unschooling life podcast). I came home with a renewed sense of determination to extend the peaceful parenting practice to everything, including our food/eating practices. I could cry, with all the positive things I'm seeing after just a few days of relinquishing the illusion of control I had over my children, and that my husband and I were trying to extend to every realm of their sweet little lives. I've always tried to be the best mother I could be, but I hate to think that I've been so blind. I am just glad that I have an opportunity to turn it around, and repair our relationships, and watch them thrive.
    Thank you for all your continued efforts to make the unschooling life understandable and valued to families such as mine. I am so thrilled to see that you are still active in blogging and contributing to us in our own learning as adults.


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