Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Books? Old books?

The edition of The New York Public Library Desk Reference we have might be a little outdated, but the rules of ice hockey haven’t changed, nor the way in which one addresses a letter to the Pope, nor the date of the discovery of Krypton. (Some of you thought it was just a Superman thing, didn’t you? Nope--1898, the year before aspirin.)

(Before the internet, people had reference books, and even then they seemed like trivia. Trivia can be the interesting door that leads to strange, new knowledge.)
photo by Sandra Dodd

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  1. Thank you, Susan Gaissert, for pointing out my "interesting" typo. I was literally on drugs. I had dental surgery with "twilight sedation," which lasts all day. I slept most of that time, but woke up to check e-mail and do a Just Add Light. :-)

    But drugs or no drugs, please let me know if I've misspelled or badly punctuated or if the link doesn't work, or if I've misattributed a photo or something.

    Thanks for reading!


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