Friday, November 8, 2013


This plant was found in the trash a couple of years go. Just on speculation, I kept it and watered it even when it wasn't looking good.

It has bloomed a couple of times, but this set looks to be a big one.

People can't always plan or predict or control what happens with flowers, or days, or children. Live in the moment as well as you can and be glad of happy surprises.
photo by Sandra Dodd


  1. Sandra, this really struck a chord with me. Last spring, my three girls and I found three newborn kittens ( approx. ten days old or less) abandoned in a box on top of the neighborhood garbage bin. There were rowdy boys chucking them like stones! My girls, still rather fresh to unschooling, refused to ignore we adopted and raised them. The vet said they would perish without mothers milk,stimulation etc. I told the kids that loving attention can do amazing things.....and now we have two georgeous, intelligent loving pets and the girls have learned so much more than I had ever thought possible. Strength of character, courage, patience, kindness, generosity....and all the biology etc too. There are as you said,no guarantees, but we have definitely seen wonderful, unexpected things in our unschooloung journey! Thank you so much for your many,many contributions!

  2. Looking at what does happen, and looking back at what seemed unimportant and turned out to be beautiful, or memorable. Some things might be easily forgotten or life-changing. We just don't know in advance. :-)


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