Monday, November 12, 2012

Great confidence

Don't rob your children of the experience and of the knowledge that they can learn to read without help. If someone can learn to read, surely he can learn other things. I don't mean to say that after he learns to read he can learn other things by reading. I mean that reading is complex, moreso in English than some other languages, and if your child knows that he learned to read, he will have great confidence in his ability to learn. (So will his parents.)
(the quote is from page 86 of The Big Book of Unschooling)
photo by Sandra Dodd

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  1. I got a note with a link to this blog post:


    Hi, Sandra.

    Monday's message, "Great Confidence," was an unexpected passage for me to read this week. I suppose had read it my first time through The Big Book, but had forgotten the whole idea, or maybe because my oldest was four at the time, I hadn't really encountered anything to connect this truth to my own experience. But this Tuesday, something amazing happened, and the idea surfaced and overflowed in my living room. I wrote about it here.

    Thanks for this blog. I have appreciated every single post.



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