Tuesday, June 8, 2021

What time do you want your post to arrive?

Because my original target audience was one unschooling mom in the U.K. in 2010, I put the post in at midnight so she would get it in the morning. Feedburner was set up so that I set my post to go at 12:01 in Albuquerque, so that it would be around breakfast time in Glastonbury.

Years have passed.

The new mailing company works differently. If you like the time this arrived, don't do anything!
[…] delivery time will be at the same hour they followed your feed. For example, if they follow your feed today at 2:15pm, then going forward they will receive the newspaper at 2pm every day. Rationale: at the time when they followed your feed they were online, so it’s likely that at this hours in the future they will be online too, maximizing chances that they read your messages.
So if you want a different time, either subscribe anew (at your chosen time), or unsubscribe, and wait until you WISH you were getting a post, and subscribe. You might miss one.

They don't all need to go out into the world at the same time, but I'll keep aiming for midnight.

I hope this all settles out soon, and that no one has been too inconvenienced.

Here is some water to calm you.
More water
photo by Ester Siroky, in Turkey, of goats (and water)

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