Wednesday, April 10, 2019 a small pond

"Big fish in a small pond" is a phrase used to belittle someone's confidence, sometimes, but there ARE small ponds, and they DO have important aspects!

Find joy in letting people be as big as they are, right where they live.
photo by Kes Morgan-Davies


  1. P.S. Where I live, the more common expression is "big duck in a little puddle," but between my SCA name (AElflaed of Duckford) and the essay that became a book title (Moving a Puddle), that one jitters my brain a bit.

    Also, I live where ponds are rare. :-) Sometimes we do have puddles, and it can be fun to see standing water after a day or two.

    Appreciate what you can, when you can. :-)

  2. I loved Karen James's post about putting on her son's socks. Such beautifully writing about such a simple act that we do multiple times when our children are little without thinking about it and yet she has. Very profound. Thank you as a reminder to notice the little things in life. They are gifts and will be just a passing memory before we know it.


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